Meet Zamir Omaid

Computer Engineering Major

Student at California State University, Sacramento

Who is Zamir?

My goals include working on computers, software, robotics, nanotechnology, aerospace technology, and spaceships. I'm working on my Computer Engineering degree.

I am a very ambitious and goal-oriented man who is driven by my imagination of how beautiful our technological future can be. I really love leadership positions in which I put a lot of effort in communicating with my team and helping them become leaders to help build each other up to solve problems and succeed in our own independent journeys.

I love to help people especially for the sake of our future. One way I choose to do that is to spread kindness. The other is to make my imagination of the future into reality. What I wish for myself, I wish for others. That is, success!

If you'd like to contact me for any reason, I leave my inbox open to gladly communicate with you. I may be open to work. I am interested in internships, Co-ops, mentorships, and research studies to build up my experience.

---I love learning because it's so much fun!---
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